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Shelter Medicine: Dr. LaCheryl Ball

Written by: Dr. Tierra Price

Original Date Posted: February 7, 2020

Name: Dr. LaCheryl Ball, DVM

Position: ASPCA community medicine staff veterinarian and spay/neuter surgeon 

What inspired you to pursue veterinary medicine?

I have always loved animals and began volunteering with my local vet clinic when I was about 11 years old. It was a winding road before I decided to go into vet med but I always knew I wanted to help animals. 

What's your favorite part of your day?

My favorite part of my day is examining my patients and getting to roll around with puppies and kittens. But aside from the obvious I really love when I am able to help clients get the resources and information they need to take care of their pets.

What are your interests in veterinary medicine?

I have really become interested in pursuing more opportunities in creating access to basic veterinary care. I think people in our field have finally started to acknowledge some of the barriers to basic veterinary care and through the ASPCA I have been able to participate and providing low cost care to those who really need it. 

Tell us a little about your world outside of veterinary medicine:

I live in NYC with my sweet baby angel Chiyo chan (12yr old Shih tzu) and my furry little wild child Cy (aka Cy Cy Kitty, 3 yr old DSH). It was always a dream of mine to move to New York and it has been everything I could have asked for. I run a blog via Instagram to document my experiences as I navigate the city (Follow her blog @MyNYdream on Instagram). 

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