Our vision is to help create successful, happy, and healthy veterinary professionals. 

BlackDVM Network is a community for veterinary professionals to learn, grow, and discover their potential. 


We're shaping the future as bold, authentic leaders who want to see excellence and success available to all veterinary professionals.


BlackDVM Network is a platform for the empowerment of Black veterinary professionals. We are a community for Black veterinary professionals to grow, connect, and advance veterinary medicine. Our members embrace their culture and realize the value their uniqueness brings to our profession. We hope to help you grow personally and professionally while amplifying your voice and supporting you! 

Our focus areas help you learn how to align yourself with the best opportunities for success! 

Professional Development 

Creating leaders for our community and the future of our profession

Finanical Literacy

Educating and making smart decisions about money for a sustainable future 


Recognizing the need for self-love and self-care while balancing and embracing our intersectionalities


Breaking down the barriers to building and growing businesses as veterinarians

BlackDVM Network is the first of its kind in vet med. 

We know that if we want to see CHANGE in vet med, we have to take a different approach. As a community supporting an underrepresented population, we've decided to allow people to invest in their future and take an active role. If you're looking for scholarships, mentorship, or conferences you can join our friends at the National Association for Black Veterinarians.