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Meet Brianna Brooks!

Written by: Dr. Tierra Price

Original Date Posted: June 16, 2020

As a veterinary student at Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine, Brianna Brooks has not only taken on the challenge of veterinary school but boldly accepted the challenge to become the first doctor in her family! As a first generation college student, Brianna took it upon herself to pave her own path to veterinary school. Surrounded by professionals with very different backgrounds from hers, Brianna used her own passion as motivation and hopes to continue doing so while working with exotic animals with a focus on big cats! Embracing each part of her journey, Brianna uses the start of each new semester as a way to recalibrate her focus and get the most out of each moment at Tuskegee.

Interview with Brianna Brooks

Name: Brianna Brooks

School: Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine

  1. What and/or who inspired you to be a veterinarian? 

I was never surrounded by veterinarians or even doctors who looked liked me. I'm also a first generation college graduate, and first doctor in my family, but when God places a passion on your heart, the only option is to fulfill it! 

What are some of your passions outside of veterinary medicine?

I enjoy binging my favorite shows and hiking. I'm also a foodie so I love trying new restaurants and new foods then leaving awesome (or not so awesome reviews)...yes, I'm that person. 

What are your interests in veterinary medicine? How has it changed over the years if at all?

I originally wanted to specialize in internal medicine, but my heart was taken working at a big cat sanctuary. When I say I want to do exotics I really just want to work with these guys! Their personalities are out of this world and hilarious. 

What is your favorite part of your semesters?

My favorite part of the semester is the beginning. It gives me a chance to go 100% immediately, which if you know me is my intensity majority of the times. All or nothing. 

What would be three pieces of advice you would give to anyone of color looking to pursue this field?

1. Not everyone has your best interest at heart, even if you're doing amazing, find a mentor that believes in you.

2. If this is something you really want to do, stick to it, and use online and social media as a resource.

3. Go where you're celebrated, not just where you're tolerated. It makes the process so much more easier. 

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