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Ivey Williams, Aspiring Veterinarian

🍋Making Lemons out of Lemonade 🍋 @steadychasingv

Written by: Dr. Tierra Price

Original Date Posted: April 23, 2020

Hi everyone! My name is Ivey Williams. I am an aspiring veterinarian. I’ve been in the vet field since 2013. I was a freshman in high school at that time. I worked for Dr. Susan Strain (DVM) and her husband Dr. Mike Strain ( DVM, Agricultural Commissioner of Louisiana). I worked for them throughout my high school career as a kennel technician and vet assistant. In 2016, after graduation, I got accepted to Xavier University of Louisiana. I attended Xavier for two years and was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia. I have a mild case of it but it temporarily stumbled me from continuing my education. As a vet assistant for Banfield Pet Hospital, I am also pursuing my pre-vet degree with online classes. I am maintaining my determination through this pandemic. Never let anything stop you from pursuing your dreams!

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