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BlackDVM Network 2021 Year in Review

BlackDVM Network is honored to serve the Black veterinary community. Our community continues to demonstrate hope, resilience and excellence in vet med and beyond. 2021 was such a special year for us as the storm of 2020 calmed down and we were able to focus on helping our members advance their careers in veterinary medicine. We’re kicking off Black History Month with a celebration of our big wins this year:

  • 500+ people joining the BlackDVM Network

  • Nearly 200 Black veterinarians on our directory

  • 100+ jobs posted on our job board

  • First-ever 2021 Black veterinary calendar

  • 30+ recorded events and webinars on our YouTube channel

  • Nearly $12,000 donated to Black-owned organizations in vet med

  • Collaborations with 10+ amazing vet med organizations

None of this would have been possible without your support. We are especially grateful to our members who continue to show up and represent BlackDVM Network in every way possible. To our Advisory Board members who have influenced our decisions. And to our sponsors, the Veterinary Emergency Group, Banfield, Hill’s, and Compassion-First NVA who believe in our vision and continue to support Black veterinary professionals through our platform.

We have so much in store for 2022 that we can’t wait to share with you all!

About the author:

Dr. Tierra Price is a recent graduate of Virginia-Maryland CVM and an emergency veterinarian in Los Angeles, CA. As the founder of BlackDVM Network, Dr. Price hopes to elevate Black veterinary professionals through community, professional development, and access to economic opportunities.

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