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6 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month (that are not on Zoom)

Written by: Dr. Tierra Price

Original Date Posted: February 3, 2021

Black History Month is an annual celebration that allows us to show gratitude for the accomplishments and contributions Black people have made to society. During this month, we celebrate Black culture and how it has influenced the world; prominent Blacks who have made huge waves and give back to a community that has given so much to this world.

Of course we’re hosting a TON of events to celebrate this month- you can find them here. But, if you’re looking for some ways to celebrate Black History Month that are not on Zoom, here are some things we’ll also be doing all month:

#1 Listening to Black artists on our favorite steaming stations.

Fav Spotify playlists

  • Black Cookout Jams

  • This is Nina Simone

  • Black Girl Magic

  • Ginger Me

  • Black Country

#2 Watching movies from Rotten Tomatoes Best Black Movies of the 21st Century

#3 Reading a book from Black authors (buy from Black bookstore owners)

#4 Supporting Black-owned Businesses

Looking for one to support? There's an entire directory here-->

#5 Donating social capital or time to a Black or equity-focused organization

  • BlackDVM Network is always looking for new speakers and partners!

  • Other Black veterinary organizations

#6 Last but not least, calling out racism and prejudice in your workplace, community, or anywhere you see it

Special thanks to Nia Powell (vet student, NCSU), Widmaier Francillon (vet student, OSU) and Kristen Esanna (vet student, Cornell) for their contributions.

Grab some BlackDVM Network SWAG

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