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10 Black-owned, veterinarian- owned businesses you can support all year long

1. Marshall Recruiting Consortium ( An online job

platform designed to bring talented, diverse job seekers to employers in animal sciences and agricultural spaces. Dr. Kemba L. Marshall MPH, DVM, DABVP (Avian) is a practicing veterinarian with a broad experience in both clinical and corporate practice. Kemba earned her SHRM Certified Professional credentials in 2019. Everyone affiliated with the Marshall Recruiting Consortium strives to model diversity, inclusion and equity in all of our projects. Our hope is you joining us as either a job seeker or an employer adds to our ability to model our practice of diversity, inclusion and equity.

2. Sankofa Medical Scrubs ( Scrubs that empower Black healthcare professionals to express their culture while practicing medicine. Founded by Dr. Shermaine Wilson Cox, also the owner of Royal Paws and Purrs, mobile veterinary hospital servicing the Greater Atlanta area.

3. Get MotiVETed ( A well-being platform providing solutions and perspective to everyday challenges that individuals and leaders face in veterinary medicine. Founded by Dr. Quincy Hawley and Renee Machel. GetMotiVETed University is the world's first school of well-being specifically for veterinary professionals.

4. Enjoy-A-Bowl ( Created by Dr. Joe Owens, an easy to use, easy to clean two part system to entice picky eaters, diabetic and pancreatitis patients among others to eat their food.

5. The McConnell Group, Inc ( A health sciences company owned by Dr. Irving McConnell, that provides a comprehensive selection of professional and technical services and products designed to enhance the success of companies in a rapidly changing marketplace.

6. Assistance Animals Consulting ( Committed to bridging the gap between healthcare professionals, assistance animals and the humans they support. Dr. Rhesa Houston offers aid and resources to healthcare providers, handlers and subscribers, organizations, and veterinarians across the United States.

7. Simmons Consulting Group ( Dr. Kimberly Simmons is an executive leader in the Animal Health Industry and provides consultation in regulatory strategy, lifecycle management, health authority interaction and diversity, equity and inclusion.

8. Synchrony Vet Cardio ( A consulting service that helps veterinarians advance the care of their cardiac patients. Founded by Dr. Nonya Fiakpui, a board certified cardiologist, Synchrony offers echocardiography training and cardiac teleconsulting.

9. JPen Communications ( Dr. Joanna Pendergrass is passionate about closing the gap between what the doctor says and what the pet parent understands. Her writing engages and empowers readers with educational content that helps them learn more about their pet's health.

10. The Dr. FlyGuy Collection ( This collection created by Dr. Stevie Jones, Jr. is a 100% handcrafted bow tie & accessory line. These bow ties for both man and man's best friend foster the mutually beneficial and dynamic human-animal bond.

About the author:

Dr. Tierra Price is a recent graduate of Virginia-Maryland CVM and an emergency veterinarian in Los Angeles, CA. As the founder of BlackDVM Network, Dr. Price hopes to elevate Black veterinary professionals through community, professional development, and access to economic opportunities.

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