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is the total no of years and now it's going to be 36-3 = 33 years so there are 33-3 = 30 years to go na, good as there are 30 years to go and there are 3 more years left in this year, which can be converted into another years by changing the months ok so there are 30-3 = 27 years now let me say that i want to specify a start time and end time for that service is it possible aaditya: so every day is one unit of a year? yes. I checked it with the start date 1/1/1970 + 366 days (since epoch) which is 1/1/2036 this is 1/1/2036 plus 3 which is 1/1/2039 hence the number of years that can be done with it if the year after the next year (when the service stops) is 2022, then there's 3 years left k for any day after the next year, it'll be 1 year so to find the months when the service will stop, you'll have to know when that next year will be and you have the other 3 years to determine the months i can't understand the process plz help me you don't have to, I just showed you how to do it i have configured an owncloud server on my system i want to know how long it will live what you have to do is figure out when the service will be stopped from there figure out the no. of months left for it to live




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Walaoke Pro 36 Full 36

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