Important Info

Where is the Directory and Job Board?

We've decided to create a new space for pet owners and others looking for Black veterinary professionals by separating our Directory and Job Board with another website. Please visit www.blackdvmdirectory.com for the Directory and Job Board. 

What if I can't afford membership?

Our annual membership fee of $50 helps to support our operations and administrative team. If this fee is out of your budget, please reach out using the Contact Us form so we can come up with a plan for you to be part of our community.

How can we partner?

We accept partners and sponsors on an annual basis. Please reach out using our Contact Us form to learn more about our annual partnership packages.

Why can't I log in to my account?

We've redesigned our website! Unfortunately, due to privacy reasons we are not able to transfer accounts. If you are an existing BlackDVM Network member, you'll need to create a new log in (it can be the same as your old one!) for this new website. You do not need to pay again if your membership is active. Please reach out to us if you are having trouble or have questions.