Decide Diversity 

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BlackDVM Network and Decide Diversity have come together to guide veterinarians searching for ways to change their workplace environments. 

Demetria is the diversity, equity and inclusion expert. 

Dr. Tierra Price and Demetria Miles-McDonald will be hosting a webinar around the question "How do I create a culture that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive?"  Demetria-Miles McDonald is the Founder and CEO of Decide Diversity, a full service firm specializing in diversity, intersectionality, and inclusion best practices.

How do I create a culture that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive?

Join Tierra Price, DVM, Founder of BlackDVM Network and Demetria Miles-McDonald, Founder and CEO of Decide Diversity, as they discuss why diversity, equity, and inclusion is important; and how you can be a facilitator of change within your veterinary practice and workplace. 

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